Ukraine Government Reports 3,000 Russian Soldiers Killed, 200 Captured as Putin’s Invasion Met with Stiff Resistance

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Russian military operation against Ukraine continues

Kyiv, Ukraine – Ukrainian Minister of Defence of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov on Saturday said his nation has soured Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan for a swift victory in his country.

Reznikov announced an unconfirmed casualty report of 3,000 Russian soldiers killed and 200 prisoners of war captured.

“Our defenders have destroyed the enemy’s plans. As of this morning, the number of Russian occupiers killed has exceeded 3,000. More than 200 interventionists are captured,” Reznikov said. “The number of captives is increasing. They did not expect such a response and themselves. Hundreds of armored vehicles have been destroyed, including more than a hundred Russian tanks.”

Ukraine forces are also utilizing weapons sold to the country by the United States to defend against Russian air assaults. In response, he claimed the Russian army is now targeting civilian infrastructure.

“Yesterday, seven helicopters were shot down by Stingers [missiles],” he added. “The enemy is trying to change tactics. Russian troops are shelling residential areas, hospitals, and educational institutions. As the rapid offensive by large columns faltered, the sabotage-reconnaissance group and landing force began to be used more vigorously.”

Reznikov said Russian agents and saboteurs are now operating in cities across the country and for citizens to keep an eye out for suspicious behavior.

“Our army and Territorial Defence Forces are effectively disarming them,” he added. “But the Territorial Defence Forces need help to act ahead. I appeal to everyone. There are artillery observes in Kyiv, Kharkiv and other cities who can target your homes or lay a road for the way for Russian troops. They are the eyes of the enemy. If you see suspicious persons setting up marks, tagging or failing to clearly explain their purpose for being in a specific place, detain them yourself or inform the Territorial Defence Forces.”

Two hundred Ukrainian civilians dead in two days, Reznikov claims.

“Russian heartless beast has killed almost two hundred civilians in two days, including three children. Another 33 children were injured,” he said, issuing a message for Russian agents and spies. “In such circumstances, you may simply not be willing or able to be arrested alive. Give up your criminal intentions before it is too late. There is a special plea for residents of Ukrainian villages and small towns and anyone else who has a suitable case.”

He also called upon Ukrainian citizens to ambush Russian supply convoys that follow shortly after combat forces pass through villages.

” If a convoy of Russian armored vehicles passes you, a convoy with fuel follows it after a while. Stop or burn it,” he added. “The Russian tanks just stop. Our troops capture them and use them against the enemy.”