Ukrainian Defense Minister says Russians taking heavy losses, resorting to looting businesses for fuel, supplies

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The turret of a destroyed tank is seen on the roadside in Kharkiv

Kyiv, Ukraine – Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine, Hanna Maliar said on Saturday that Russia’s invasion isn’t going as well as Vladimir Putin had planned.

Maliar said Russian forces are running low on fuel and the invading army is vulnerable.

“The Russian Federation’s invasion of our country is now on its third day,” Maliar said. “Primary targets and enemy attempts to succeed are not realized. The enemy takes heavy losses, and the enemy is exhausted. Its ability to replenish fuel, ammunition, and food is compromised.”

Maliar said Ukrainians can help keep the invading Russian army on its heels by preventing it from replenishing fuel and supplies as Russia’s army may turn to looting and robbing local businesses.

“It is essential to prevent this replenishment. The enemy is expected to exploit opportunities to replenish their supplies at the expense of civilians, commercial establishments, small and medium-sized businesses, mainly through looting, plundering, looting, and other criminal means,” Maliar said. “The Armed Forces of Ukraine appeal to citizens to unite and resist as much as possible in their territorial communities.”

The Russian advance has been slowed by fierce resistance by Ukrainian soldiers and civilians.