Baltimore man, 73, wins $25,000 Pick 3 lottery ticket

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Baltimore, MD USA September 9, 2008: View of downtown Baltimore MD cityscape near the sports stadium finds the economy and urban life thriving and great for travel.

BALTIMORE, MD – A 73-year-old Baltimore man hit paydirt this week after he won $25,000 on his Pick 3 lottery numbers.

“The 73-year-old found his lucky ticket at ING Wireless located at 7025 Liberty Road in Gwynn Oak. He normally places Pick 3 bets based on his address. Because he needed five numbers for his Pick 5 playslip, the winner used his truck’s license tag digits and topped it off with a 50-cent straight bet,” the lottery commission said of his win.

He soon discovered he has 25,000 reasons to celebrate. After watching the evening drawing, he immediately matched his ticket to the winning numbers and realized his change of game had paid off.

“The happy winner plans to share the great news only with his wife now that he has claimed the prize. When asked of his plans for his windfall, the player said he would pay bills and do some home repairs,” he said.