Durr Rips Phil Murphy Over Nursing Home Deaths, Financial Problems in New Jersey Ahead of Prayer Vigil for Ukraine

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TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey State Senator Ed Durr, the truck driver who upset Senate President Steve Sweeney in the 2021 election today ripped into Governor Phil Murphy’s crocodile tears being shed over the crisis in Ukraine.

“With Governor Phil Murphy set to attend a prayer vigil this evening for those suffering in Ukraine, Senator Ed Durr asked when the governor is going to show concern for thousands of nursing home victims, aborted babies, and families devastated financially by his administration’s unemployment system failures,” Durr said.

Durr acknowledges the suffering of Ukrainians but is confused about why the governor doesn’t express the same sympathy for grieving New Jersey residents who lost loved ones to COVID-19 and those who are still financially struggling after Murphy shut down the economy for nearly a year in 2020 and 2021.

“The people of Ukraine are suffering horribly right now and they deserve all of our prayers,” said Durr. “While I’m glad Governor Murphy is supporting New Jersey’s Ukrainian community during this difficult time, I have to ask where’s the vigil for the nearly 10,000 victims in New Jersey’s nursing homes and veterans homes? Where’s the vigil for the countless babies who will die under the abortion bill he just signed into law? Where’s the vigil for the tens of thousands of New Jersey families that were destroyed financially when his administration failed to give them the unemployment benefits they were owed?”

Durr said Murphy needs to focus more on the people suffering in New Jersey.

“Governor Murphy should show the same concern for the suffering and grieving New Jerseyans that he’s showing for people thousands of miles away,” Durr concluded.

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