Waretown Police Seeking to Identify Driver Who Passed School Bus, Nearly Struck Child

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WARETOWN, NJ – When those big yellow school buses stop and the red flashing lights come on, it usually means they’re stopping to pick up children, and you should stop too.

On Friday, in Waretown, one driver not only didn’t heed the warning and passed a school bus picking up a child on the shoulder side of the bus. Now, police are asking the community to help identify the driver of the vehicle.

The Ocean Township Police Department reported on February 25th, at 8:30 am the vehicle passed a stopped school on the shoulder of the roadway on Barnegat Beach Drive.

“The vehicle was traveling west out of the residential neighborhood towards Route 9,” the department said. “The vehicle we believe is a Subaru Forrester with a “ReClam the Bay – RCTB” sticker affixed to it. The safety of our residents and children is of utmost importance to the police department.”

If you have any information to assist with the identity of this driver please contact the police department at 609-693-4007, email MRogalski@twpoceannj.gov or send a direct message on Facebook.