Gloucester Township Police Department’s “Florida Division” Hosts Annual Gathering

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They may be a thousand miles away from the cold frigid winter weather in New Jersey, but it probably feels like a million miles. This week retires of the Gloucester Township Police Department’s “Florida Division”, officers who retired and were smart enough to get out of Dodge, as they say, met once again.

“The Gloucester Township Police Annual Retirees Reunion “Florida Division” was held Tuesday morning, and they sent this photo up to us here in chilly New Jersey,” the department said.

Pictured left to right with their retirement dates: Cpl. William Eustace- May 2003, Sgt. John Schlitter- February 1994, Sgt. Joseph Miraglia- January 1981, Ptl. William Trout- March 1998, SLEO I Rich Brisbin (husband of retired Chief’s Secretary Bobbi Brisbin), Cpl. Robert Engle- July 2001, and Sgt. Ralph Greipp- February 1996.