TV Tower Over Thousand Feet Tall Explodes After Russia Warns Of Missile Strikes

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A television tower in Kyiv, Ukraine, was targeted in a missile strike that killed five people just minutes after Russia warned Ukrainians to flee the region, The Mirror reported.

It remains unclear whether a missile directly struck the tower, but video footage of the attack shows black smoke around the tower. Ukraine’s adviser to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Anton Herashchenko, said the tower’s signal may have been disrupted, The Mirror reported.

Russian state media claimed the country’s defense ministry was planning more strikes on Kyiv’s intel and Military Relay Facilities, The Mirror reported. The Kremlin reportedly justified the strikes as preventing “information attacks” against Russia.

In a statement announcing its intention for more strikes, the Russian defense ministry said it urges “Ukrainian citizens who are being used by nationalists to carry out provocations against Russia, as well as Kyiv residents residing near relay stations to leave their home,” The Mirror reported.

Russia began its invasion on Thursday after its president, Vladimir Putin, announced he would recognize the independence of two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine. Russian forces have yet to take Kyiv, which Putin reportedly wanted to capture within the first 48 hours, as the Ukrainians are putting up stiff resistance, The Mirror reported.

Putin announced on Sunday he would put Russia’s nuclear forces on high alert in response to Western economic sanctions levied against Russia because of its invasion of Ukraine. In response to the decision, Ukraine’s ambassador to the U.N., Sergiy Kyslytsya, recommended Russian President Vladimir Putin kill himself like Adolf Hitler.

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