Bensalem Man Repeatedly Broke Into Home of Woman he Met Online to Secretly Record Her

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BENSALEM, PA – A Bensalem man has been arrested in Somersworth, New Hampshire after making the long drive to spy on and stalk a woman he followed on a social media site.

According to Somersworth Police, officers responded to a residence on Highland St. for a report that the resident heard someone in the residence.

“Officers on scene located a male suspect on the roof of the residence,” the department said in a statement. “After an on-scene investigation, the male was taken into custody for the charge of Burglary. The investigation was furthered, and information was obtained that the suspect was known to the victim from online social media. It was determined that the suspect drove up to New Hampshire from Pennsylvania, and was temporarily staying at an Airbnb in Portsmouth.”

Police realized Mauricio Damiam Guerrero, 20, of Bensalem had been recording the woman without her knowledge from inside her home.

“According to court documents unsealed Feb. 28, and obtained by McClatchy News, the criminal defendant told officers after his arrest that he had stolen the woman’s house key and made a copy so he could freely enter the home without her knowledge,” LawOfficer.Com reported.

It turns out Guerrero was living in the victim’s attic as investigators found food, a urine-filled cup and headphones. A Bluetooth tracking device was also found by the police.

Guerrero met the woman through OnlyFans and said the two knew each other when she lived in Delaware and that he “seemed nice”.

“She gave him her address because he wanted to buy her a TV and fireplace…She never really wanted to meet him, but he was very pushy, and eventually, she was walking to her car and noticed a car pulled over close to her. She saw him ducking and hiding inside his car,” a police affidavit read.

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Police later found videos of the victim while she was sleeping and filming her ‘private areas’.

“It was clear from (the woman’s) hands visibly shaking that she was distraught and upset over the news she just received regarding these videos and Mauricio being in her home,” a detective said in the police report.

Guerrero also put a tracking device in his victim’s car to track her whereabouts when she wasn’t home. He was charged and released, ordered to wear a tracking device.

Deputy Strafford County Attorney Emily Garod wanted Guerrero to be held without bail and was upset when the request was denied.

“He was released with pretty strict bail conditions,” Garod said in an interview. “But it is an ongoing concern of ours, the safety of the victim during the pendency of this case, so that is why we asked for him to be held pending trial.”