U.S. Marshals and Hardeman County Sheriff’s Office Work Together on Sex Offender Operation

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Bolivar, TN
– On May 4th and 5th, 2021, the Hardeman County
Sheriff’s Office conducted a sex offender compliance operation,
Operation Chickasaw, which was supported operationally and tactically by
the United States Marshals Service and the Tennessee Bureau of

During the operation, two teams of Hardeman
County Sheriff’s Deputies and Deputy U.S. Marshals investigated 35
convicted sex offenders to insure they are following their requirements
and found 25 in compliance with the sex offender registry law. Seven
offenders were found not to be out of compliance and three are still
being investigated. James Shermaine Williams was arrested for Failure To
Register As A Sex Offender. The other six noncompliant offenders will be
further investigated for prosecution under state and federal law.

Four other persons were arrested for felony crimes that were
uncovered during the operation. Chad Johnson was arrested for Felon In
Possession Of A Firearm and Possession Of A Controlled Substance.
Kendall Saintignan was arrested on multiple drug possession charges.
David Ramsey was arrested for Felon In Possession Of A Firearm. Donald
Stagner was arrested on a Failure To Appear on a previous Failure to
Register As A Sex Offender Charge.

“Sex offender compliance
operations produce many beneficial outcomes,” said U.S. Marshal Tyreece
Miller. “The Marshals Service is glad to partner with state and county
agencies to help with this important service.”

In addition to
providing a number of Deputy U.S. Marshals who helped supplement the
Sheriff’s Office, the Marshals Service provided funds that will be used
to purchase needed equipment for the Hardeman County Sex Offender
mission. TBI provided logistical and analytical support.

In an
effort to assist state and local law enforcement, the USMS has been
tasked by the United States Attorney General to provide needed
assistance to law enforcement agencies that are mandated to comply with
the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act. In order to fulfill this
obligation, the USMS has developed a system of partnering with state and
local agencies to investigate, apprehend, and prosecute offenders that
are not in compliance with their legal obligations that have been
ordered upon them by the courts as a result of their sex crime

Additional information about the U.S. Marshals Service can be found
at http://www.usmarshals.gov.


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