Senator Gopal Seeks Harsher Punishment for Human Traffickers in New Jersey

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Freehold, NJ – New Jersey State Senator Vin Gopal is breaking away from his progressive party’s stance against law enforcement and criminal justice reforms. Instead of calling for defunding the police and seeking lighter penalties for criminals, Gopal is seeking tougher penalties for human traffickers.

A new bill introduced by Gopal, who represents Monmouth County suggests human traffickers should lose their driving privileges in New Jersey for life. That bill advanced this week in the state senate.

“Unfortunately, as an Atlantic seaboard state with lots of commercial traffic, New Jersey is also ripe territory for the most despicable forms of crime against humanity, where men, women and children are forced to perform sexual acts or pressed into brutal, never-ending servitude. We must make certain that individuals convicted of human trafficking will never again operate motor vehicles or use New Jersey roads to perpetrate these offenses,” Gopal said.

The bill, S-356, was approved by a vote of 39-0. 

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