Governor Murphy Volunteers New Jersey to House Ukrainian Refugees

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BROWNS MILLS, NJ – Joint Base MDL, located in the middle of the New Jersey Pinelands has successfully completed its mission to house and relocate thousands of refugees that fled Afghanistan in the closing days of America’s twenty-year involvement in the country.

Nicknamed Liberty Village, the Joint Base refugee facility housed and sheltered 10,000 refugees since opening last summer. Recently, according to reports, the mission successfully relocated the last remaining refugees this month.

In February, the Department of Defense began dismantling tents at Liberty Village, but now Governor Murphy is saying, hold on.

Murphy on Friday announced he has volunteered New Jersey to be a host for Ukrainian refugees seeking asylum in the United States and has let President Biden know.

“I sent a letter to President Biden raising our hand,” Murphy said. “I want early on for the President and his administration to know, we’ve done it, we did it successfully and we’ll do it again for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.”

It is unsure at this point how much of the refugee housing has been dismantled since the Department of Defense made the announcement on February 15th.

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