PENNSAUKEN, NJ – Weber’s Famous, the home of delicious hot dogs and root beer is now open for the 2022 season. Weber’s reopened this Friday and launched the new year with some wonderful weather for a great drive-up and dine-in experience.

One of the last remaining of New Jersey’s original mid-twentieth century car-hop restaurants, Weber’s could be mistaken for a Stewart’s by those unfamiliar, but it’s not. You might be tempted to say Weber’s and Stewarts’ are different, but there are more similarities than differences between the two brands.

From the bright orange and black paint to the menu offerings and the root beer, Weber’s is a throwback to days gone by, but not quite gone.

A carhop delivers your food on a tray that hooks on your window and you can eat from the comfort of your own vehicle. Hot dogs, hamburgers, cheesesteaks, and french fries are the staple here.

Run by the Mascarelli family, the restaurant opens each spring in early March as it has done since the late 1950s. The only thing that has changed here over the past 70 years is the cars. Gone are the Belairs, Galaxies, and Thunderbirds, replaced with minivans, SUVs, and pickup trucks.

The restaurant opened in 1951 and was once part of a chain of nearly 67 restaurants. Now, in New Jersey, it’s the last stand standing after locations in Stratford and Brooklawn shut down.

Driving by Weber’s like Stewarts is irresistible with its classic mid-twentieth century charm still fully intact. It’s truly one of New Jersey’s last examples of roadside Americana.