Liberal Pundits Lose It Over College Student’s NYT Op-Ed Criticizing Campus ‘Self-Censorship’

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“[M]e enjoying my day, not reading the bad NYT op-ed,” former Vox editor and independent journalist Aaron Rupar tweeted.

“There’s a lot to say about the NYT op-ed du jour, but I feel that if you are never uncomfortable with/made to question your priors in my classroom in a way that causes you to reflect more than speak—whether you’re a liberal, conservative, or a libertarian— I haven’t done my job,” Georgia State University law professor and political scientist Anthony Michael Kreis tweeted.

“[I] am self-censoring myself by not reading the nyt op-ed that everyone is yelling about,” Hayes Brown, writer and editor for MSNBC Daily, tweeted Monday.

“Is there any other way for a college student to break into the NYT op-ed pages than to write woke-panic claptrap like this? Complete with citation to bogus far-right-funded poll,” Dan Froomkin, editor of Press Watch, tweeted. “And hello, this is UVA we’re talking about, I call bs.”

Other commentators criticized The New York Times and its leadership for publishing the op-ed.

“I don’t want to pile on the young woman in today’s NYT op-ed, for her folk would use that as self-justification of their alleged victimhood,” City University of New York professor Jeff Jarvis tweeted. “I do want to criticize the editor who exploited her youthful naïveté for the sake of contrarian clicks.”

“Anyway, who’s really at fault here? The paper,” NBC News reporter Ben Collins tweeted. “Nobody should expect their popularity at college to be acceptable grist for the op-ed mill. Everyone says and does stupid things in college. It’s the place to do that! You grow there. The paper should not be capitalizing on that.”


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