New Jersey State Police Recruits Arrive in Sea Girt for Training

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SEA GIRT, NJ – They were all up day since the rising sun and they were going to run all day until the running was done. On Wednesday, the 163rd class of the New Jersey State Police Academy began their arduous twenty-week training course in Sea Girt in the hopes of becoming New Jersey State Troopers.

Dressed in sharp suits, the recruits received a rude awakening to life at the police academy.

“Early this morning, the New Jersey State Police Academy Staff welcomed the more than 200 recruits of the 163rd Class to the State Police Training Academy in Sea Girt, N.J. for their first day of training,” the NJSP said. “Over the next 20 weeks, academy instructors will be tasked with preparing the recruits both mentally and physically before they earn the right to join the finest law enforcement agency in the country. Our badges are earned, not given.”