This is why no trucks are allowed on Northern State Parkway in Long Island

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LONG ISLAND, NY – As the need and desire to create the suburbs of New York City grew in the early to mid-twentieth century, New York build the Northern State Parkway through Long Island to bring the city dwellers further into the less populated areas. Likewise, it allowed Long Islanders a safe way to commute to work in New York City.

But, the road was built for passenger vehicles. Bridges were built low as the road was not designed for commercial use. Some overpasses on the road are as low as 7 feet tall.

According to the New York Department of Transportation, “When New York State’s picturesque parkway system was built early in the twentieth century, it was designed for automobiles. Some bridges on the parkway system have posted vertical clearances as low as 6’11”. Commercial Vehicles, Trucks, and Tractor Trailers often strike low bridges causing serious accidents and long delays while they are removed and damage to property.”

This week, the New York State Police reminded truck drivers to stay off the Northern State Parkway after several commercial vehicles didn’t make the clearance, and at full speed, collided with the overpasses.

“No trucks allowed,” the NYSP said in a statement. “Two recent incidents on the Northern State Parkway in Long Island serve as reminders that only passenger vehicles & motorcycles are allowed on state parkways. Commercial vehicle operators, please take note.”

Violators on the parkway can receive fines, points on their licenses, and commercial towing fees as high as $10,000. On top of that, if you damage a bridge, you know the old saying, “You break it, you fix it.”

New York will charge you the reimbursement costs to repair the bridge.