JACKSON, NJ – Early Tuesday morning, Philadelphia police captured Gary Cabana 60, at a Greyhound bus terminal. Cabana who was staying at a Best Western Hotel in Philadelphia after stabbing two security guards at the New York City Museum of Modern Art this weekend.

On Saturday, Cabana jumped over a counter at the NYC MOMA and stabbed two security guards at around 4:15 pm before fleeing the building. A manhunt began for Cabana in the tri-state area as, unknown to police, he fled to Philadelphia where he checked into the Best Western Hotel.

It was at the hotel where he was identified by a hotel worker from Jackson Township as the suspect wanted for the New York City double stabbing. She then called the Philadelphia Police Department to notify them. Initially the police department said they would send a detective the next day.

The hotel worker, according to authorities, notified Cabana that he could not extend his stay at the hotel due to an account issue.

After being told he could not stay at the hotel, Cabana went back to his fifth floor room and set it on fire. That fire caused the evacuation of the hotel and Cabana fled to a nearby Greyhound bus station.

The hotel employee then notified the Department of Homeland Security and early this morning, police captured Cabana at the station.

Without that call from the concerned worker to DHS, Cabana might have been able to flee authorities once again.

Authorities did not disclose the name of the hotel worker, but through a news tip, we were able to identify the worker. Shore News Network is not disclosing the name of the worker due to privacy and safety concerns. Shore News Network has not contacted the employee.