Yeshiva World, America’s Largest Jewish News Service Launches Lakewood Centric Online News Platform

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LAKEWOOD, NJ – The Yeshiva World, one of America’s largest and most prominent news sources catering to the Orthodox Jewish community has announced the launch of a Lakewood-centric online news platform to compete with the growing pool of existing news sites in that town.

In addition to the Lakewood News Network, The Lakewood Scoop and others, Lakewood Alerts will be covering news related to the growing Jewish religious population in Lakewood, Howell, Toms River, Brick and Jackson, along with community, crime and political news stories.

Yeshiva World boasts, “A refreshing new platform has recently opened in Lakewood, providing readers with a paradigm-shifting take on the news, insight on the most pertinent topics and issues, and an undying devotion to journalistic integrity.”

“Already the fastest-growing news source in the greater Lakewood region, Lakewood Alerts has spent years developing and refining its connections and access to the inner workings of Lakewood, Jackson, Toms River, Manchester Townships and far beyond,” Yeshiva world said of its newly launched platform. “Employing the highest-quality reporters, writers, and editors, Lakewood Alerts has quickly become the gold standard for news distribution in the greater Lakewood market, garnering tens of thousands of site visitors in its first week since launching. Thousands upon thousands of subscribers have already signed up for WhatsApp Status and WhatsApp groups, to receive breaking news in live time.”

According to Alexa, a website tracking website, Yeshiva World News ranks in the top 10% of internet news websites globally.