60 Tons of Illegally Discarded Solid Waste Found at Pike County Treatment Center

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HARRISBURG, PA — The former owner of M&S Sanitation Sewage Disposal and Pike County Environmental has been charged for repeatedly violating the Solid Waste Management Act. Attorney General Josh Shapiro announced James Muir was charged for improperly storing and disposing raw sewage.

“The defendant’s choice to cut corners in the treatment process to save money not only endangered a clean and safe environment in Pike County – it was against the law,” said AG Shapiro. “Let this send a clear message to others about how seriously we take protecting our environment and public health. If you violate our environmental laws, my office will hold you accountable.”

“The treatment process for the sewage results in sludge and debris at the end of the process that must be properly disposed of,” the state contested. “When Muir started experiencing financial difficulties in 2013, he began to direct that the treated sludge and debris be stored on-site and also buried on the property instead of being hauled off-site for proper disposal.”

According to court reports, investigators discovered that this debris and sludge was placed in and around every building on the property, which had been sold to a new owner in 2017.

“The new owner told investigators that he excavated nearly 50 sacks of debris that had been buried on the property and removed an additional 50-75 sacks of debris from the buildings. The new owner produced records that documented four truckloads of grit weighing 60.35 tons, and an additional 61 truckloads of sludge had been improperly disposed of on-site by Muir,” the state charged.

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Muir has been charged with four counts of Unlawful Conduct under the Solid Waste Management Act. This case is being prosecuted by Chief Deputy Attorney General Rebecca Franz. All charges are accusations and the defendant is innocent unless and until proven guilty.