Police confront, shoot man with knife in stairwell responding to 9-1-1 call

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BUFFALO, NY Police in Buffalo responding to a 9-1-1 call were met by a man armed with a knife in a stairwell claiming somebody was trying to kill him.

According to Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, 30-year-old Dominique D. Thomas of Buffalo had allegedly called 911 to report that someone was threatening to kill him. When the officers entered the building, they encountered the defendant, who was holding a large knife, in the stairwell.

“The defendant is accused of intentionally placing the officers in reasonable fear of physical injury or death by displaying the knife and refusing multiple orders by police to drop the weapon. The officers allegedly backed out of the building and moved into the street in an attempt to de-escalate the situation as they spoke with the defendant who continued to approach with the deadly weapon,” Flynn said. “When the defendant allegedly ran toward the officers with the knife in hand, he was subsequently shot multiple times by the two of the police officers.”

The defendant was taken by ambulance to ECMC where he remains hospitalized for multiple injuries.