Shelter Puppy Cries Until She Finds Her Forever Home

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A small puppy named Lucy was brought to the shelter with a fractured tibia. She was on a medical hold at the shelter until her tibia healed. Morgan would visit Lucy daily and every time she went to see her, the puppy was petrified and was crying incessantly. Lucy had experienced some trauma at the shelter, so Morgan wasn’t sure if her crying was because of the trauma or pain from her injury.

Morgan and her girlfriend Emily decided when Lucy was medically cleared to foster Lucy. Lucy had her first bath and immediately stopped crying with Morgan and Emily. She bonded with the family cat and had her first taste of peanut butter.

Lucy was so happy at her foster family and continued to build confidence. At first she was afraid of walks and wanted to go back home. She increasingly became more and more at ease on walks, and loved the snow. Lucy learned many new commands and fit in great with her foster family.

Morgan and Emily loved Lucy so much decided that they couldn’t part with her, so they decided to make sweet Lucy a permanent member of their family where she is now loved and spoiled. Previously sad Lucy loves her new family and apparently the feeling is mutual!

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