Mike Boyer of A+ Garage Door Service and Repair in Rockland County, NY, Warns Consumers to Beware of Low Advertised Prices

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NEW YORK, March 28, 2022 — “You get what you pay for.” How many times have you heard that? Hundreds? Thousands? That’s because it’s true!

People usually seek the lowest prices for products and services they need. But, what they don’t realize is that making a purchase based solely on price is not always the best option…and it can even be dangerous.  Take garage door service and repair, for instance.

When looking for a garage door service and repair company—be it for a garage door installation; broken spring, chain or motor; off-track garage door; garage door opener installation or repair; or general service and maintenance; most homeowners rely on a Google search—and disreputable garage door service companies are taking advantage of that. Homeowners hiring a company based on price alone often find their decision has cost them more in the long run—not only financially, but in terms of the quality of the service or repair they received. A poorly serviced or repaired garage door can be catastrophic for a homeowner. Serious injury, or even death, may occur if a garage door comes crashing down due to cheap parts being used for the repair, or inexperienced technician performing the service or maintenance.

So, if you need garage door service or repair, how can you spot a disreputable company? Here are two quick tips:  1) Does their ad offer a ridiculously low price for garage door maintenance or repair service? 2) Does the company mention that they offer more than just garage door service and repair?  If so, buyer beware!

The best bet when selecting a garage door installation and repair service is to ensure that garage door service and repair is their only business. It’s also best to rely on the recommendations of friends and neighbors who have used reputable companies, and are happy with the service they received. The majority of A+ Garage Door Installation and Repair’s business is referrals from satisfied customers. Our customers are happy with our service because garage door installation and repair is all we do. We are licensed experts in our field. We have been in business for over 30 years, offering high quality service at a reasonable price and emergency garage door repair service 24/7. Customer referrals have enabled us to grow our garage door repair service company in Rockland County, New York, to surrounding areas—Westchester County, New York, and Bergen County, New Jersey.

A+ Garage Door Service and Repair installs, services and repairs all major brands of garage doors and garage door openers. For more information visit mikeboyergaragedoors.com.


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