State’s Continued Burdens at MVC Facilities “Offensive” to Hardworking New Jerseyans, Corrado

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TRENTON, NJ – The COVID-19 pandemic has officially been declared over by Governor Phil Murphy, instead referring to it as an endemic, but state offices remain closed, open by appointment only and state workers remain at home, getting paid while most other New Jerseyans return to the office.

Senator Kristin M. Corrado chastised the Motor Vehicle Commission calling the continued delays and congestion at MVC facilities “offensive” to hardworking New Jerseyans.

“The persistent delays and congestion at MVC facilities are inexcusable, and quite frankly, offensive to all New Jerseyans, especially when many options are available to alleviate these problems,” said Corrado (R-40). “Bizarrely, despite being more than two years into this pandemic, there are still MVC facilities that offer some services but not all. As a result, some New Jerseyans need to drive out of their way to complete certain transactions, such as renewing their license, which imposes an unnecessary burden and cost.”

To try and reduce lines and wait times, the MVC moved 80% of its business online. Despite the change, many New Jerseyans continue to face extremely long lines and delays, Corrado said in a statement.

“In an effort to fix the problems caused by MVC policy, Corrado recently introduced a bill that would require the MVC to provide both vehicle and licensing services at each commission agency location and allow these services to be completed in person at each agency,” the NJ GOP Caucus said in a release today. “This would change current guidelines, which does not allow for vehicle and license transactions at the same facility.”

“A public private partnership between the MVC and AAA would not cost taxpayers a dime nor would it take away any jobs,” added Corrado. “I actually proposed this solution to the MVC leadership and they refused my suggestion without any consideration or conversation. The fact is, New York has been doing this since February 2021, and it has been incredibly successful. Because of the partnership, New Yorkers can more easily access the in-person DMV services they need in a timely manner.”

“The MVC needs to stop using COVID as an excuse for its subpar service,” said Corrado. “The commission has had more than two years to adjust its policies to better serve the people of New Jersey. They failed…repeatedly. Now is the time to own up to these mistakes and start taking the necessary steps to solve these problems.”