Man Bit by Neighbor’s Dog While Checking Mail

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PLUMSTEAD TOWNSHIP, PA – The Plumstead Township Police Department responded to a dog bite call on Nancy Ward Circle last Sunday. A man who was checking his mail was bit by his neighbor’s large dog, police said.

“At 5:53 pm, Officers investigated an animal complaint on Nancy Ward Circle,” the department said. “The male caller stated while walking to his mailbox the neighbor’s large breed dog ran at him and bit his left thigh. The owner of the dog was at the scene and will follow the protocol from the state.”

Under the Pennsylvania Dog Law, the owner or keeper of a biting or attacking dog is legally liable for payment of all of the victim’s medical costs. 

According to the law, it is unlawful for an owner or keeper of a dangerous dog to permit the dog to be outside the proper enclosure unless the dog is muzzled and restrained by a substantial chain or leash and under the physical restraint of a responsible person.