Lacey Investor Scammed After Allowing “Help Desk” Caller Access to Accounts

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LACEY TOWNSHIP, NJ – The infamous “Help Desk” scam claimed a victim in Lacey Township last week. Police here said a resident was scammed by the help desk caller who convinced them to change their investment account password, then started withdrawing funds from that account.

“On Friday, March 25, 2022, at 9:45 a.m., Officer Emmett responded to police headquarters for a fraud report,” Chief Michael DiBella reported. “Upon arrival, the victim reported they created an investment type account via an application on their phone.  The victim reported they received an email from account’s help desk, which instructed the victim to change their password, as the security of the account was compromised.”

DiBella said, when the victim logged into the account, they realized that a large amount of the funds had been withdrawn.  The victim reported the incident to the applicable company and the company instructed the victim to document the incident with their local police department.

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