Resilience Lab Expands Affordable, High-Quality Mental Healthcare Across Tri-State Area

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Mental health-tech company expands access; now available to 33 million residents in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut
In-network access will be available to tri-state residents who are members of United Healthcare and Humana
Clinical business leader Dr. Hannah Weisman appointed as Director of Geographic Expansion to scale U.S. operations

NEW YORK, March 31, 2022 — Resilience Lab, a mental health-tech company enabling communities of clinicians to improve outcomes and access, today announced it has expanded across the tri-state area, encompassing New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. This expansion marks a key step toward connecting a potential population of 33 million people (10% of the U.S.) to high-quality, affordable mental healthcare. Additionally, in-network access will be available to tri-state residents who are United Healthcare and Humana members.

Access to mental healthcare services has historically varied greatly from state-to-state, influenced by factors such as quality and cost of insurance, state funding and workforce availability. These quickly became barriers when the pandemic struck and people relocated across state lines to be in closer proximity to their support systems. While strides were made during this time by easing state licensure restrictions, the solutions were temporary and remain access obstacles for patients and mental healthcare companies. Companies that scale services across geographies find it challenging to comply with widely variable state regulatory requirements and maintain clinical quality as they grow. These hurdles and bureaucratic requirements add complexity for people who need mental healthcare services the most, and make it challenging for therapists to offer services to a wider array of patients. 

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“Resilience Lab is on a mission to remove barriers that keep millions of Americans from getting the mental health support they need,” said Christine Carville, co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer, Resilience Lab. “Our expansion efforts aim to make high-quality therapy and measurement based care affordable and accessible whether a patient is in- or out-of-network, or not insured at all.”

To lead the company’s national expansion into new states, starting with the northeast, Resilience Lab tapped clinical business leader, Dr. Hannah Weisman, who recently joined as Director of Geographic Expansion. As a licensed psychologist experienced in community-based mental health and integrated care settings, Dr. Weisman has turned her focus to bridging business operations and clinical quality within the mental health startup space. Dr. Weisman has experience leveraging cross-functional teams and data analytics to drive efficiency, quality and innovation as a company scales.

“The way licensure works is quite complex and differs between states – even for the same type of license. I’m looking forward to guiding Resilience Lab as it expands so that the company can grow responsibly and quickly into new markets,” said Dr. Weisman. “Resilience Lab has already made remarkable progress toward its goal of expanding rapidly into new states to address the therapist shortage and promote broad access to quality mental healthcare. This way it can effect significant, positive change in the way mental health care is provided, viewed and accessed by all Americans.”

Adding to its 130 New York-based clinicians, Resilience Lab has commenced hiring in New Jersey and Connecticut to serve the local populations in those states, with plans to scale across the country to mitigate the therapist shortage and be able to reach all Americans who seek care.

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About Resilience Lab
Resilience Lab is a creating a world where communities of clinicians work collaboratively to produce better outcomes and improve mental health access. Our diverse team of best-in-class therapists are committed to improving clients’ care experience throughout their therapeutic journey, by sharing peer insights, treatment plans, and outcome measurements. Technology powers Resilience Lab care delivery, automating all non-clinical work to foster therapeutic alliance and team-based care.

Psychotherapists who join our community-led movement have access to clinical supervision, training, and advanced certification as they provide treatment in a supported environment. Clients who match with Resilience Lab therapists benefit from holistic, evidence-based, high-quality, and affordable care that meets them where they’re at, wherever they are.

Resilience Institute is an institute for the modern mental health clinician, offering post-graduate, licensed clinicians–including mental health counselors, psychologists and social workers–with continued training to guarantee patients the highest quality of service and contemporary care.

Together, we are achieving therapeutic excellence at scale. Join us:

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