PBA Buys Boy New Scooter After Vandals Destroyed His in Park

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PARSIPPANY, NJ – The Parsippany Police Department PBA and a civilian worker at the department chipped in to buy a boy a new scooter after his was destroyed in a park. According to police, the boy forgot his scooter at the park. When he went back to get it, police said somebody had destroyed it, and pieces were strewn around the park.

This week, after hearing of the story, a woman identified only as “Carol F.” by the department and the PBA got together to get the boy a replacement.

“Recently, we were made aware that a young boy’s scooter was accidentally left behind at one of the Township’s parks,’ the PPD said. “Unfortunately, when they went back to get it, someone had destroyed it and left the pieces behind. Parsippany PBA members, along with civilian police employee Carol F., quickly offered to purchase a new scooter.”

On Wednesday, the family stopped by police headquarters, where they were able to meet the Chief of Police, Carol F., and a few PBA members who gifted them with a new scooter.