Long Island Police Crush ATVs in Show of Force Against Illegal Riding in the Streets

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LONG ISLAND, NY – The plague of illegal ATV use in city streets across America is a growing nuisance for neighborhood residents. Now the Suffolk County Police Department, in a show of force against the activity, publicly crushed about a dozen vehicles seized by officers to send a clear message to violators.

The illegal use of ATVs and dirt bikes is a constant concern among residents with a staggering 3,300 911 calls being made last year regarding its use. It’s a concern shared by Suffolk County Police Commissioner Rodney K. Harrison, who held a press conference yesterday to outline his plan to address this public safety issue.

Commissioner Harrison, joined by Chief of Department Robert Waring, Chief of Patrol Gerard Hardy and Suffolk County Crime Stoppers Vice President Pat Fazio discussed the five-point plan that includes both education and enforcement.

“Under this new initiative, police will provide notification and speak to individuals illegally operating ATVs, and/or their parents and guardians of the safety risks and civil liabilities associated with this activity in an effort to gain compliance,” the Suffolk County Police Department said in a statement. “There will also be enhanced surveillance of areas identified as hot spots; a new internal tracking system will be utilized to identify repeat offenders and gather information about hot spot locations and the utilization of our tow trucks will be increased to impound these vehicles which carry additional fines and fees.”

Additionally, Suffolk County Crime Stoppers is offering a fast cash reward of $100 for information that leads to one of these vehicles being seized.

Several ATVs and dirt bikes that have been seized for illegal use were crushed by a bulldozer during the conference.

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