Durr says Murphy’s Cheeky April Fool’s Joke is a Middle Finger to Residents, Durr

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Artists Rendering: Phil Murphy showing the new "state bird"

TRENTON, NJ – An April Fool’s Day Joke by a staffer managing Governor Phil Murphy’s Facebook page wasn’t taken well by many residents who weren’t in the mood for their governor to be a jokester in such trying times.

On Friday, Governor Phil Murphy issued an April Fools’ Day joke suggesting he was changing the New Jersey State Bird to the Middle Finger. Senator Ed Durr (R-3) said many New Jerseyans feel like the governor has been giving them the middle finger for years.

“How many New Jerseyans feel like the Murphy administration is flipping them the bird when they go to the MVC or try to collect unemployment? How many grieving families feel like they’re getting a giant middle finger from the governor every time they ask for an investigation of thousands of nursing home deaths? How many parents feel like Governor Murphy is flipping them off when they express concerns about sex and gender being taught to extremely young children?”

The joke came as Murphy’s policy has forced businesses to shut down and put millions of residents in the unemployment line during the pandemic.

“Governor Murphy’s joke was in extremely poor taste when we keep hearing from New Jerseyans who are tired of being ignored, dismissed, and ridiculed by their governor. It really was a giant middle finger to New Jersey,” Durr said.

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