Firefighters Rescue Dog Stuck in Deep in Muddy Storm Drain

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DeKalb County firefighters didn’t care about how wet and muddy they got while trying to rescue a dog stuck in a 50-foot long storm drain. The drain was flooded, muddied, and the dog was too exhausted to get himself out.

Photos by DeKalb Fire Company 24

On Thursday, DeKalb firefighters were called out to a call of a dog trapped in a storm drain.

“Heavy24, E14, Sq14 arrived on scene of a dog that had got stuck in a storm drain and had been too exhausted to get itself out,” DeKalb Fire Company 24 said in a statement. “The pup crawled into a section of pipe about 50 feet long that was too small for any crew members to be able to crawl in.”

Rescuers did all they could to rescue the trapped and exhausted pup.

“With a combination of pike poles, snares, ropes, and a few other make shift tools, crews were able to successfully retrieve the dog. Great job, everyone,” the department said. “The dog has a collar but no owner could be found. If this dog looks familiar please reach out to Dekalb County Animal Shelter. Otherwise this pup has a warm welcome at station 24 if necessary.”

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