Two Years and $300,000 Later, Defiant New Jersey Gym Owners Get their License Back

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BELLMAWR, NJ – The owners of the Atilis Gym, located in Bellmawr got some good news this week. After two years of fighting local, state, and county agencies, Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti got their business license reinstated by the town of Bellmawr.

Two years ago, under pressure from Governor Phil Murphy, Bellmawr officials revoked the gym’s mercantile license for defying the governor’s executive order that closed gyms and spas.

“It’s been over two years since they came into our lives and told Americans they couldn’t run their businesses, go to work, school, church, or outside. When we reopened the Atilis Gym, we had no idea it would be this hard of a fight,” Smith said. “We just knew it wasn’t right, and we were going to stand our ground for ourselves, our families, and the rights of all Americans.”

Smith called Governor Phil Murphy, the Department of Health, Attorney General’s Office, and County Sheriff’s Officers “cowardly cronies”.

“Lackey Judge Robert Lougy tried to bury us. 90 plus citations, 9 criminal charges, 10 members with citations, Frank and I arrested and our doors locked and boarded up,” Smith said.

The town reissued their mercantile license this week, but Smith said he was fined $15,497 per day for 5 months, had $173,000 in personal assets seized, and $300,000 in legal bills paid.

“Our ability to pursue the American dream. All for what? We were right all along,” he said. “To date, 391,683 visits to our facility and people got healthier, happier, and better. Well, it paid off. The township folded. They reinstated our business license. It took them 2 years to realize that nothing would make us kneel.”

Smith now says the fight is far from over.

Last week, Smith faced new troubles after being charged for DUI by police in Cinnaminson. He contends he was not drunk at the time and that it was the latest measure against the government’s campaign of harassment and intimidation against him.

Smith is now running for Congress against Democrat Andy Kim. He is running a primary election campaign against establishment-backed GOP contender Bob Healey, whose campaign is being run by perennial big-race loser Chris Russell, an establishment ant-Trumper propagandist who has been paid to lose major elections for the New Jersey Republican Party over the past few years including Bob Hugin, Jack Ciattarelli and other losing congressional candidates.