Holmdel Schools Late to the Game, But Cafeteria COVID-19 Plexiglass Shields Finally Removed from Cafeterias

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HOLMDEL, NJ – New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy dropped the school masking and COVID-19 safety requirements for students on March 7th. It wasn’t until two weeks later that the Holmdel School Board decided to finally get rid of their ridiculous lunch room plexiglass dividers.

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On March 21st, the district took down the useless plexiglass shields and ended the equally useless COVID-19 quarantines. But if you think that piece of plastic will protect your child from COVID-19, the district will allow you to keep your child behind one upon request.

The absurd draconian restrictions during COVID-19 for students ordered by the governor were voluntarily extended by the district for an additional 14 days. The idea is that a small plexiglass shield would stop the spread of COVID-19 in a cafeteria as students ate unmasked.

It was one of the last acts by Acting Superintendent Art Howard before the board installed Scott Cascone as the new superintendent.

“After reviewing current district Covid-19 data, we are pleased to share that there has been a dramatic decrease in Covid-19 positive cases among staff and students. This information, coupled with downward trending local and regional data, has led to the following change in our district’s procedures,” Howard said in a statement in March. “Effective Monday, March 21, 2022, temperature checks will no longer be required for students and staff upon entry into school buildings. In addition, all plexiglass shields will subsequently be removed from cafeteria tables in our two elementary schools. Please note that parents and guardians will have the ability to opt-in for their child to continue using the plastic shield during lunch if they so choose.”

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Howard was named interim superintendent after former Superintendent Leroy Seitz was accused of sexual harassment, including lap dances from female employees, joking about pedophilia, and other inappropriate comments to female staffers. Seitz resigned on December 15th. Seitz served as interim superintendent from May 2020 to December 2021.