D.A. Walsh Joins Veterans at Legion Event 80th Anniversary of Bataan Death March

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Rockland County, NY – Rockland County District Attorney Tom Walsh joined members of the American Legion, local veterans, and active and retired soldiers with the Army’s 31st Infantry Regiment for a breakfast commentating the 80th Anniversary of the Bataan Death March.

“After four months of intense fighting and with no hope of resupply or relief, American forces were forced to surrender on April 9, 1942. Those who surrendered had to endure a 68-mile forced march to Camp O’Donnell prison camp. The journey from the battlegrounds to the prison camp became known as the Bataan Death March for the unspeakable acts of cruelty committed by the Imperial Japanese captors,” D.A. Walsh said of the dark moment in U.S. war history.

The D.A.’s office said following the breakfast, the Philippine-American Cultural Foundation hosted a March that included reenactors and an educational program at Dominican College. This solemn event will remember the American and Filipino soldiers that endured and died on the Death March of Bataan in April of 1942.

“District Attorney Walsh had the opportunity to meet a fellow Walsh (no relation) who he thanked for his service and presented the solider with a commemorative challenge coin (pictured below). We thank all the active and retired members of the “Polar Bears” Army’s 31st Infantry Regiment, and all those who have put on the uniform and served our county,” the D.A.’s office said in a statement.


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