Ocean City Councilman Was Drinking During Public Disturbance Call at Restaurant, Police

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Ocean City, MD- The Ocean City Police Department has reported that Ocean City Councilman Mark Paddack was involved in a domestic disturbance inside a north-end restaurant just moments after hitting a parked car. Police say they observed Paddack having alcoholic drinks inside the restaurant. As a precaution, police made sure Paddack was driven home by a sober driver.

According, the Ocean City Police Department responded to a north-end restaurant on Friday, at 6:02 p.m., for a report of a minor collision. It was reported that a parked vehicle was struck in the private parking lot, the agency said.

“Upon arrival, officers met with the individual that reported the collision and the owner of the parked vehicle, officers learned that both vehicle owners had exchanged necessary information prior to our arrival. Officers met with the driver of the striking vehicle, who was identified as Mark Paddack. Paddack was patronizing the restaurant when officers met with him,” the Ocean City Police Department said. “Officers observed Paddack consuming alcoholic beverages while in the restaurant and instructed him to have a designated driver take him home later.”

The investigating officer then completed an official information exchange form for the collision, and the officer did not observe any evidence that Paddack was impaired before the collision.

“A concerned citizen approached the officer in the parking lot to report a male yelling at his child inside the restaurant. The officer entered the restaurant and attempted to de-escalate the disturbance,” the OCPD said in a statement. “At which time, Paddack agreed to leave the restaurant and was driven home by a sober individual. The juvenile was taken to Police Headquarters for his safety. The Department of Social Services was notified about the domestic dispute. Social Services contacted the juvenile’s mother and had the mother pick up the juvenile.”

Paddack is a retired Ocean City police officer, retiring in 2018 at the rank of Sargeant. Paddack served 27 years as an officer. He was elected to the city council just days after his retirement.

According to a post on Facebook, the call to the police department was made by Paddack’s 14-year-old son who observed his father intoxicated, claiming he was afraid to drive home, also alleging that Paddack drove drunk to the restaurant.

The child claimed Paddack was drunk and screaming at him from the time they left their home, alleging the councilman was swerving in and out of the bus lane, and trying to park his car, “In a non-existent parking spot.”

“He was texting and driving at that time. We arrive at the restaurant and he saw this nonexistent parking spot and started to back into it. He hit a man’s car and it made a massive dent,” the post alleged.

“If this was a random person on the street, they would have been arrested,” the younger Paddack alleged. “This is a classic case of trying to cover up an official.”