Defiant Lakewood Man Refused to Obey Jackson Police After Rummaging Through Commercial Dumpster

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JACKSON TOWNSHIP, NJ – A Lakewood man, Simcha Labovitz, 26, was accused of stealing items from a dumpster on a construction site and when ordered to return the items by Jackson police officers, he refused to comply.

The JPD said, “On Sunday, at approximately 3:40 am, Police Officer Randall Trasky was conducting a security check of a construction site located on East Veterans Highway, which was not open to the public. As he drove around the rear of the site, he observed a vehicle parked next to a dumpster. As he went to investigate the vehicle, Police Officer Curtis Nagel arrived on the scene to assist.”

According to a police report, the officers encountered a male who was observed holding pieces of metal taken from the rental dumpster and observed a large quantity of metal and construction material near his vehicle.

“Officers determined that the male did not have the property owner’s consent to be on the construction site or to be taking items from the dumpster,” The JPD said. “The male was advised to return the items to the dumpster as it was unknown if the property owner was recycling the metal for payment and that he should contact the property owner to seek permission to remove scrap metal or any construction material from the site.”

The Jackson Police Department said the male began to argue with the officers and advised that he was not doing anything criminal and would not be putting the items back. During the incident, the officers even provided him with phone contact information for the property owner for the male to contact during business hours, which he refused to accept.

“During the conversation, as the male argued with and continued to refuse the officer’s directions, he used his cell phone to call 911 and was connected to the Ocean County Radio Room,” JPD added. “As the 911 dispatcher learned what the male was calling for, and confirmed that he did not have permission to be on the property taking any items, his call was transferred to Jackson Police Headquarters where he was connected to speak with the on duty watch commander who advised him to return the items and he would not be arrested. The male at this time reportedly elected to be arrested.”

After being placed under arrest, the male was searched incident to arrest and the officers recovered a small clear glass pipe with residue which is commonly used to smoke controlled dangerous substances.

Labovitz was processed and charged with theft and possession of drug paraphernalia and released on a summons pending a court appearance. Additional charges may be pending in this investigation yet.