How Overpaying For Gas Made This Maryland Man a Millionaire

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OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND – One lucky Maryland instant ticket player overpaid for his gas and ended up winning $1 million. The man stopped for gas at the Royal Farms in Owings Mills. After accidentally overpaying by $20, he decided to buy a $20 Money Explosion scratch-off ticket.

The 67-year-old man known as the “Guyanese Gambler” stated, ““At first, I thought I should get a couple of $5 scratch-offs to play later, but then, I said to myself, ‘Go big.’ ”

Once he scratched off his instant ticket, he spotted the winning symbol and knew he had a winning ticket.

The winner plans to give some of the money to his 19 grandchildren and to take a trip to his home country of Guyana to visit his family. He also plans to use the rest of the money to purchase a new home sometime in the future. He will also continue in his current job as a bartender at a local hotel.

Royal Farms on Red Run Boulevard in Owings Mills will receive a $1K bonus for selling the winning ticket.

According to Lottery Officials, “The $20 Money Explosion game still has four unclaimed $1 million top prizes, another five $50,000 prizes, 52 unclaimed $10,000 prizes, and more than 526,000 others ranging from $20 to $5,000. The game went on sale in July 2021 and has 32 chances to win.”

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