Factbox-Despite recent uptick, New York City crime down from past decades

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The Empire State Building and New York’s skyline are seen during the preview of SUMMIT One Vanderbilt observation deck in Midtown Manhattan, in New York City

(Reuters) – A shooting at a New York City subway station on Tuesday brought fresh attention to crime in the most populous American city, with 8.8 million people as of 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Official statistics show an increase in murders in the city in each of the past four years, but total numbers of murders were still far lower than three decades ago when crime in the United States crested thanks in part to the crack cocaine epidemic of that era.

Here is a look at three categories of violent crime for selected years, based on New York City police statistics.


The city recorded 488 murders in 2021, 468 in 2020, 319 in 2019 and 295 in 2018 after falling to a low of 292 in 2017 following a steady decline since the early 1990s. The number of murders in 2010 was 536, in 2000 was 673, and in 1990 was 2,262.


The city recorded 1,491 rapes in 2021, an increase over 1,427 in 2020 but a decline from 1,755 in 2019 and 1,794 in 2018. It went as low as 1,205 in 2009. The number of rapes in 2010 was 1,373, in 2000 was 2,068, and in 1990 was 3,126.


The city recorded 13,831 robberies in 2021, 13,106 in 2020, 13,371 in 2019 after going as low as 12,913 in 2018. The number of robberies in 2010 was 19,486, in 2000 was 32,562, and in 1990 was 100,280.

(Compiled by Will Dunham in Washington; editing by Jonathan Oatis)

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