Phil Murphy Drops NJ in Latest Move Toward 2024 Presidential Run

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TRENTON, NJ – Never mind that New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy tried to position himself as the pandemic medical and economic health progressive trailblazer of the left during the pandemic. He locked down his state longer than almost any other state in America. He forced students to wear face masks until the very last minute. Never mind the senior citizens who died due to his directive to nursing homes that forced them to take in elderly COVID-19 patients.

Phil Murphy is probably running for President. The good news is, he can’t be any worse than Joe Biden. The bad news is, that New Jerseyans have plenty of first-hand experience to know how bad he can be.

Murphy’s extended lockdowns decimated small business owners, large businesses, education, mental health, and at the end of the day, multiple studies show. They were all for nothing.

Phil Murphy released thousands of violent criminals from prison during the pandemic. Several of them committed heinous murders and double-murders shortly after being released.

Murphy favors a very unpopular progressive school curriculum that teaches young children about topics such as gender studies and anal sex.

It’s unlikely that Murphy will move the needle if he runs for president, as Americans from the moderate left to the far right are starting to reject the progressive and woke agenda being pushed by leaders like Phil Murphy.

Recently Murphy launched two political action committees that appear to be aimed at his run for higher office. This week, the Governor of New Jersey changed his Twitter handle from PhilMurphyNJ to PhilMurphy.

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Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is also running for president. Although highly unlikely, a Murphy vs. Christie presidential election in 2024 would be a complete nightmare for the people of New Jersey.