Inspire Clean Energy Addresses Why Your Home’s Energy is One of the Most Overlooked Contributors to Climate Change

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At a time when most Americans want simple ways to reduce their carbon footprint, Inspire Clean Energy – a certified B Corporation that matches the dirty energy homes run on with clean, renewable energy sourced from wind, solar and low-impact hydropower in the U.S. – is empowering consumers to make a meaningful, positive impact on the planet right from their homes and with little hassle. Timed with Earth Month, Inspire is launching Power a Brighter World, a marketing campaign featuring two simple, yet elegant animations that present challenging topics like climate change in a universally accessible way. The film’s storybook illustration style reflects a sense of optimism that the brand hopes will elicit climate action from audiences who often feel powerlessness in the face of the climate crisis. 

The first film, The Beast, addresses the negative impact of home energy use on the planet through the eyes of a child. In the film, an out-of-place yet destructive character symbolizing Climate Change, blindly wreaks havoc on the planet. A solution is revealed once consumers who have chosen clean energy, form a collective that puts a stop to the beast. The second film, Power Forward, focuses on the feeling of paralysis many experience when it comes to taking meaningful action against climate change. The film quickly transitions to a hopeful tone as the viewer learns they not only have the power to make a difference, but also just how easy it can be simply by choosing clean energy.

“Many of us witnessing the climate crisis escalate are feeling overwhelmed and unsure of what to do about it,” stated Suzanne Seymour, Senior Vice President of Brand & Communications at Inspire Clean Energy. “Our intention is to break down some of those barriers through creative that is approachable, reflects a pure sense of hope and optimism, and reminds us that future generations depend on the climate action we take today. “

With Inspire, consumers simply sign up for a 100 percent clean energy plan through the company, and in minutes they can rest easy knowing that they’ve taken a big step to help the environment. In fact, one year of being an Inspire member can be more impactful than seven years of recycling.

Inspire plans to engage directly with consumers through the ‘Power a Brighter World‘ campaign in their current nine service markets – including Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC – through a series of compelling social, digital TV, radio, and high-impact media partnerships that underscore the individual and collective impact we can have on reducing carbon emissions by choosing clean energy.

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About Inspire Clean Energy
Inspire is a mission-driven, technology-enabled clean energy company that subscribes people to a world where energy from renewable sources is a better choice for their home and the environment. With Inspire, members receive access to clean energy and peace of mind from a predictable price for their home’s electricity supply.

Founded in 2014, Inspire has made it easy for hundreds of thousands of people to join the clean energy movement and take action against climate change. Inspire is a certified B Corp and wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell New Energies US LLC, with headquarters in Santa Monica, CA and Philadelphia, PA.

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