Police Arrest Driver in Illegal Street Race who Lost Control and Drove Through Crowd

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ALLENTOWN, PA – Police in Allentown are searching for Jorge Ramon Torres, the driver of a Honda Civic who lost control during an illegal street race and crashed into a crowd of onlookers, seriously injuring three.

District Attorney Jim Martin and Allentown Police Chief Charles Roca announce charges have been filed in an aggravated assault by vehicle case.

“At 10:37 p.m. Nov. 26, 2021, Allentown Police and other first responders were called to North Dauphin Street and Allentown Drive for a crash involving multiple injured pedestrians,” D.A. Martin said. “Three injured pedestrians – one with serious injuries – were found on scene as well as an unoccupied, disabled Honda Civic with no license plate.”

Police said an investigation revealed that members of a car-enthusiast group on Facebook called “Lehigh Valley Car Meets & Car Shows” had gathered in the area where the crash occurred to watch vehicles race up and down the roadway.

The three pedestrians who were injured had been watching the vehicles race when they were struck by the Honda Civic after the driver lost control.

One victim “was struck with such force, he was launched into a neighboring business sign” and suffered numerous broken bones and internal damage. Two other victims were also injured, according to Martin.

“After the crash, the driver of the Honda Civic gathered documents from the glove compartment, wiped down the inside of the vehicle in an effort to destroy fingerprint evidence and removed the license plate. An uninvolved motorist picked up the defendant and fled the scene,” Martin continued. “The previous owner of the Honda Civic reported that hours prior to the crash, he had sold the car to Torres. Video surveillance from the notary and an area police department showed Torres and the previous car owner filling out paperwork to purchase the car.”

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Prior to the crash, Torres had texted the previous car owner about racing. A video was also obtained that showed Torres at the crash scene wearing the same kind of jacket as in the notary video.

“In the weeks following the crash, Torres’ family members told police he hadn’t returned home and they were unsure where he was,” police said.

Torres of Allentown is charged with Aggravated Assault by Vehicle, Accidents Involving Death or Personal Injury and Accidents Involving Death or Personal Injury While Not Properly Licensed; all felonies of the third degree; Accidents Involving Death or Personal Injury While Not Properly Licensed – Personal Injury, a misdemeanor of the first degree; Tampering With or Fabricating Physical Evidence, a misdemeanor of the first degree; and summary charges of Driving While Operating Privilege is Suspended or Revoked – DUI/ARD, Racing on Highways and Reckless Driving.