Brick Police Announce Changes to Emma Havens Arrivals and Departures

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BRICK TOWNSHIP, NJ – The Brick Township Police Department met with school officials recently to come up with a new solution for the arrival and departure of students driven to school.

According to the Department, starting on Monday, April 25th, the drop-off process will consist of parents parking in the back of the building in a parking space and escorting their children to line up along the fence at the back of the building as early as 8:50 A.M.

“The students will then be ushered into the school shortly thereafter. The pickup process will be similar, with parents parking their vehicles in a parking space behind the building, exiting their vehicles, and lining up along the fence as early as 3:20 P.M.,” the department said. “Their children will be released to them shortly thereafter.”

School officials will be on-site to assist with directions and guidance until everyone gets used to the new process.