Yonkers Police Cracking Down on Aggressive, Loud, and Obnoxious Drivers

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YONKERS, NY – The Yonkers Police Department issued dozens of tickets for aggressive, loud and obnoxious driving around the city this weekend.

“The number one enforcement complaint in The City of Yonkers is aggressive, reckless driving and loud, obnoxious exhaust systems. With the weather warming, our quality-of-life traffic enforcement details will be ramping up to target these vehicle and traffic law violations,” the department said. “This past Friday, the 1st Precinct was out in force on Central Park Avenue – 43 summonses were issued for speeding and loud mufflers, including two vehicles being impounded for drag racing and a motorcycle.”

The department said they will continue to crack down on these drivers throughout the summer.

“These details will continue into the fall, and we will be working with our law enforcement partners to enhance enforcement on the local parkways (Sprain Brook, Bronx River) and Thruway,” the department said.

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