What the Heck Happened to Jon Bon Jovi as He Murders Dead or Alive?

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We’re not sure what’s going on with New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi, but last week, at a show in Raleigh, North Caroline, the Jersey Shore superstar fell flat. His rendition of Dead or Alive, a classic Bon Jovi hit, was delivered dead on arrival to the shock of fans in the audience and around the internet.

You might have heard better deliveries of the song by the local drunks at the neighborhood karaoke bar.

In a video too painful to watch but too much of a trainwreck not to, Bon Jovi fights through the song showing an apparent vocal decay that many fans claim started about five or so years ago.

He might not have it anymore in the vocal cords, but today, Bon Jovi makes a huge contribution to feeding the hungry here at the Jersey Shore with his JBJ Soul Kitchens.

Throughout his current tour, fans have noticed Bon Jovi’s vocal decline, with many praying for him and others questioning how he consciously can take money from fans along with these tour stops.