Yeshiva Student Beats U.S. Marine in Gym Pushup Challenge

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A New Jersey yeshiva student and a U.S. Marine from a local recruiting office squared off in a pushup contest at a recent recruiting event. The student ended up running circles around the Marine, and many of his beginning pushups would not have counted if he had been back on Parris Island being counted for a PFT score.

He would have received a solid “1…1…1…1…1” from his Drill Instructor.

As for the Yeshiva student, he eventually ran out of gas, but not before showing the Marine that Semper Chai, for this moment at least, topped Semper Fi.

The Marine barely locked his arms for his first twenty or so pushups. If only I could hear my senior drill instructor’s voice as he quarterdecked recruits for doing 1/2 pushups.