Gun, Drugs Recovered During Atlantic City Sting

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ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – A police operation targeting drug dealers in Atlantic City netted a handgun and large quantities of illegal drugs, the Atlantic City Police Department said.

According to a police report released Friday, on Thursday, members of the Atlantic City Police Department’s Special Investigations Section conducted a surveillance operation in the first block of South Florida Avenue.

“During this operation, detectives observed Louis Roe loitering in the area and taking part in several suspected illegal narcotics transactions. Detectives also had information indicating Roe was in possession of a handgun,” the department said. “When detectives approached and made contact with Roe, he pulled away and attempted to flee from the detectives. Roe began to resist arrest resulting in a struggle to place him into custody.”

Roe was ultimately taken into custody and found to be in possession of a large quantity of illegal narcotics. Detectives also learned that a fully loaded Glock handgun had fallen down Roe’s pant leg during the struggle. The handgun was recovered and found to be loaded with hollow point ammunition and a high capacity magazine.

“In total, approximately 500 individual wax folds of suspected heroin were recovered along with 14 grams of crack cocaine. Additionally, $2,090.00 cash was seized, believed to be proceeds of illegal narcotics sales. The surveillance operation and arrest were led by Detectives Chris Dodson and James Barret with assistance from Sergeant Richard Andrews and Detectives Chris Smith and Eric Evans,” the department said.

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