Guy Who Builds Electric Cars and Calls for Free Speech Triggers, Outrages America’s Left

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FILE PHOTO: Tesla CEO Musk and CDU party leader Laschet visit the construction site of Tesla's Gigafactory in Gruenheide near Berlin

America’s left is outraged today after billionaire electric car manufacturer Elon Musk bought Twitter and promised to defend free speech on the platform.

CNN host Brian Stelter said some Americans don’t want a platform that offers free speech, speculating, there will be ‘no rules’ in an Elon Musk owned Twitter.

“If you get invited to something where there are no rules, where there is total freedom for everybody, do you actually want to go to that party or are you going to decide to stay home?” Stelter said.

Many on the left have threatened to leave Twitter after hearing news of the sale.