Should Cops Smoke Weed in New Jersey? This Newark “Cop” Thinks So

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NEWARK, NJ – As New Jersey politicians get ready to debate whether or not police officers should be allowed to smoke marijuana while off-duty, this one “Newark police officer” is seen pushing the envelope and testing local authorities. Last week, recreational marijuana became legal in New Jersey and within hours, politicians began arguing about whether or not cops should be exempted from the law.

What appeared to be a video of a Newark cop smoking weed on traffic duty at the intersection of Clinton Avenue and Bergen Street was captured sharing a blunt with a resident standing on the corner, has since gone viral on social media.

What makes the video even more bizarre at first glance, the ‘cop’ was standing in the intersection, directly across the street from police headquarters. In the video, the cop can be seen sharing a joint with a man at the corner, then taking the joint into the intersection while directing traffic.

In the end, the video was a stunt orchestrated by Darius DK, a comedian and actor who published the video on Instagram on 4/20. The video has since gone viral and in many cases, people are unaware that he’s just a comedian playing a skit and not a real cop.

Darius DK’s team did not respond for comment when asked if there was any specific meaning or message behind the video.