Norwalk City Council Honors Cadets

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NORWALK, CT – The Norwalk City Council and Mayor Harry Rilling presented awards to several public safety cadets this week.

On Tuesday April 26, 2022, at 6:00 p.m., several Norwalk Public Safety Cadets were honored with awards and promotions.

“The cadets receive training from Norwalk Police Department, Norwalk Fire and EMS. They were the recipients of the third place overall award for the NERLEEA SWAT Challenge this past fall. Cadet Emily Rapp was recognized for her outstanding service in the Cadet program and to the community. Cadet Tony Crespo was promoted to the rank of Cadet Sergeant,” the city said in a statement. “Additional awards were issued in relation to law enforcement training, fire response training, disaster preparedness, community service awards ranging from 100 to 400 hours, tenure, and a special award noting the Cadets that have maintained their status during the pandemic.”