Roommates Return from Vacation to Find Apartment Completely Emptied with Couple Sleeping Inside

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GREENBELT, MD – Imagine going on your dream vacation ending with finding out your entire home has been completely emptied out while you were gone. Then imagine walking into your now emptied house to find a man and woman sleeping in your bed, the only piece of furniture remaining in your home.

It sounds like the script of a movie, but for two Greenbelt roommates, it was a horror story.

Greenbelt police said On April 5, residents of the 9300 block of Edmonston Rd came home from vacation and noticed their front door was damaged and the apartment was completely empty. They located two suspects, a black male adult and a white female adult, lying on one bed, the only piece of furniture still in the home. The suspects stated they took all of their property and became aggressive with the victims before fleeing on foot in an unknown direction.

“When the victims left their residence on March 28, 2022, the apartment was fully furnished, upon returning, the living room was completely empty except for black trash bags filled with items, trash on the walls, the kitchen was completely empty and the cabinet doors were missing, the second bedroom was completely empty, the closets were completely empty and the bedroom was empty except for the bed the suspects were lying on. Both victims stated that they did not know the two suspects,” the department said. “The victims lost approximately $49,100 in property.”

If anyone has any information regarding this incident or the individuals pictured, please contact the Greenbelt Police Department at 301-474-7200 or

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