Howell Instagram Popup Party Shut Down, Police Responded

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HOWELL TOWNSHIP, NJ – A party in Howell’s Rodina Hall was shut down by event staff after excessively large crowds showed up and flooded the facility’s restrooms Friday night, the Howell Police Department said.

According to the Howell Police Department, officers are on the scene of a large event at Rodina Hall location on Alexander Avenue.

“Several hundred teens are present for this, from all over the state, which was apparently advertised on Instagram. We were never notified by the promoter or venue owner,” HPD said. “Due to flooded restrooms and extremely large crowds the event was shut down by event staff. Officers are standing by to assist with the orderly pickup of the attendees and traffic control.”

In June of 2021, multiple people were stabbed at the same venue. Three males were stabbed and received significant injuries after a party at the hall got out of hand.

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