According to Yelp Reviewers, These Are the Top 5 Diners in the Toms River Area

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – New Jersey is known for diners. Some are good. Some are bad. Many are just hands down incredible for their options and dishes. Most people have their go-to diner and don’t sway much from what they enjoy, almost like a barber. New Jerseyans tend to have a sense of diner loyalty. Where long-standing favorites like the Crystal Diner, Toms River Diner and Four Seasons Diner continue to deliver, there are five that stood out the most with Yelp! users.

Chain and franchise restaurants were not included.

Here are the 5 top-rated diners in Toms River

  • Route 70 Diner (5 Stars) – The Route 70 Diner is located near the Toms River and Manchester border near the intersection of Route 70 and Whitesville Road.
  • Shut Up and Eat (4.5 Stars) – At the edge of Downtown Toms River on Main Street inside the old Friendly’s building is Shut Up and Eat which is more of an experience than it is a diner and features a full menu of homemade diner-style comfort food. As one Yelp! reviewed noted, it’s like there was an explosion at grandma’s garage sale inside. The staff is typically in their pajamas here and it’s recommended you come that way too.
  • Sand Castle Diner (4.5 Stars) – This family-owned and operated diner since 1988, serves fresh, delicious food. Voted best burger in NJ in 2013 by the Star-ledger. The Sandcastle Diner is located in nearby Beachwood.
  • C&G’s Country Cafe (4.5 Stars) – C&G’s Country Cafe is located in the old K-Mart plaza on Route 37 and is really one of those hidden gems in Toms River. They traditionally offer a full diner menu and everything here is always made fresh to order. They also have a location in Bayville.
  • Fast Break Diner (4.5 Stars) – The Fast Break Diner, located on Route 37 east, is a great place to stop on the way to the barrier island for a great breakfast. The diner’s iconic twentieth-century retro facade is both inviting and nostalgic. Inside, the small diner packs a big punch.